Father And Son Take The Same Photo Every Year For 30 Years

For Three Decade, Tian Jun and his kid Tian Li have taken the exact same picture. Li was birthed in 1986 in China’s southwestern Guizhou Province. To celebrate Li’s birth, Jun positioned with his boy before a wall surface outside their home. It would end up being an annual tradition for the two.

There was a solitary year the 2 could not take a photo, 2014, due to the fact that Li was in the United States welcoming his own son, Timothy. The image they took after little Timothy was born, back in the very same place in their Guizhou District residence, is absolutely touching.

Check out the slideshow here to see the outstanding improvement with the years.

Jun originally began the project merely due to the fact that he assumed the suggestion would certainly be intriguing, but also for Li, that would mature to be a Chinese movie director, he considers the series of photos to be an imaginative expression.

“Time itself is a form of art. This is the power of time.”.