Worst Hoaxes and Lies of Reality TV Revealed

By now it is crystal clear that “reality TV” has very little or
nothing at all to do with reality. As much as we would like to believe
that the people featuring in it are opening up their true self, their
actions speak otherwise and leave us in a dilemma. Every day, reality TV
shows are being put to the light about how they are just hoaxes and a
pack of lies that have been masterfully crafted to leave those watching
in a world of fantasy. In the article below, we unmask the lies and
hoaxes in the reality TV shows one by one;

1Breaking Amish? Or Should We Call it The Faking Amish

The reality TV series Breaking Amish provides a detailed look into the
lives of five young men and women from the Amish and Mennonite
communities who break free from their traditions to explore the
“English life”.

In the new lifestyle, they get to wear jeans, spend time in pubs and use
electricity which is all a first time experience for them. If they
commit to the new lifestyle, their family members will abandon them and
they will be shunned by their communities for violating their

Unfortunately, after the first episode was aired, news that most of the
cast members had long abandoned their traditions and left their
communities before joining the show broke out. As each of the characters
new world experiences were revealed, dramatic stories surfaced online
and it became crystal clear that the cast had little or no Amish left in
them to break.