Finding the Right Coach

Who is the very best Coach For Achieving Your Goals?

A buddy of mine was recently at a Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen
workshop. They were promoting their Enlightened Millionaire Program.
Among the subjects he told me they covered was trying to find an
individual coach.

Let’s believe of a few subjects where there might be individual coaches.

Basketball Golf Football Talk show Weight-lifting Self-confidence Cash
Sex Real Estate Investor

Now what I found intriguing was what my pal stated everybody responded
to for some of the above. They thought the best basketball coach would
be Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods for Golf, Joe Montana for football,
Weightlifting a lot would such as Arnold Schwarzenegger to be their
personal trainer, on confidence Anthony Robbins of NLP fame was
selected, Money a lot said they would such as Donald Trump or Bill
Gates, Sex and they would respond to Ron Jeremy, Real Estate a lot
answered Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad Poor Dad fame.