Science: 9 Types Of People Who Might Cheat On You

Looks like science has found some way to let you know exactly what makes someone more likely to cheat on their relationships. But does someone’s physical profile or name really contributes in making them more (or less) likely to stray or are those just coincidence? Let’s take a look at the nine type of people and evaluate them for yourself. Have you gone on (or planning to) dates any from this list?

  1. Tall Guys. According to a dating site, guys over 5’10” are twice as likely to cheat on their relationships.
  2. Guys who are into Rock N’ Roll. From the same site, 1{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of cheaters prefer this kind of music against all genres. The best loyal partner? Rap lovers (or any other genre).
  3. The French. 75 percent of them admitted to cheating, that is based on a bedroom habits study by a luxury sex toy brand. Cheese, wine and an affair, anyone?

    Source: 7-themes
    Source: 7-themes
  4. Blonde Women. A cheater’s site survey revealed that 42{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of cheating women are blonde. 11{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of those surveyed are with black hair. So we guess, blondes have more fun (or guilt-induced stress)!
  5. Twitter Users. According to a University study, those who tweet more, the greater relationship conflicts they encounter. Social media can really do harm than good in a romantic relationship.
  6. Female Teachers. Whoa! We didn’t see that coming. But according to this popular cheater’s website, they surveyed their members and the results were a bit unexpected. The typical cheating wife is most likely to be a teacher. Better make sure you do your math correctly.
  7. I.T. Guys. It is not only female teachers who should be spanked for misbehaving, according to the same site, men who are into I.T. are mostly cheating husbands. Don’t be fooled by their physical appearance, they can cause a lot more trouble than repairs in the relationship arena.

    Source: wordbypicture
    Source: wordbypicture
  8. Shopaholics. So we have teachers and I.T.s, now shopaholics. Has your lady love been seriously shopping lately? Start checking those mails and you might be surprised about a secret credit card with her shopping purchases.
  9. Wayne. What’s with a name? Wayne ranked the least trustworthy name in the relationship game. That is according to a study of 2,000 women. So we shouldn’t trust Bruce Wayne (or Batman) for that matter, right?