Is He Cheating On You? 10 Signs To Look Out For In Your Partner

Source: yourtango
Source: yourtango

Most guys who cheat says it’s impossible to get caught red-handed when you are that good in hiding. Signs of cheating can be subtle that’s why most women just turn a blind eye. Even if a guy has shown no emotions or remorse or guilt about cheating, they will send off signs that they’re two-timing you. But then again, if he is only showing one of these signs, that doesn’t mean he is a cheater.

  1. He has a history of cheating. Once a cheater, always a cheater (well, most of the time). If your guy has cheated before, there is a chance that he might do it again. He knows how to dodge the suspicions and get away with it. Though they may change their ways for good, always practice caution when dating someone who is known as a serial cheater.
  2. Too attached to his phone. Does your guy always go to the bathroom with his phone? Does he allow you to even glance at it or be near it? If he is always super protective about his phone, take it as a sign that something suspicious is going on. Be on the look out for the following: if he always deletes every text message he receives; he gets calls during off hours that he ignores; he’s texting people you don’t know; he goes berserk if you take his phone every time it goes off, etc.
  3. Evidence is staring back at you. You found a girl’s phone number written on a restaurant receipt on his pocket. There is something on his bed that is not yours. You read FB messages from some random girl on his personal account about their hookup. Don’t let him talk his way out of it or believe his excuses! Do your research before you confront him.
  4. Random mood swings when he’s with you. As the song goes, you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no, you’re in then you’re out. Guys who has some (or lots) of guilt building up inside them have terrible mood swings when they’re with you.
  5. He’s over jealous and super possessive. Is your guy suddenly demanding to know all the small details of your whereabouts? Cheaters will always have the need to protect this guilt inside of them that makes them really jealous of the partners they cheated on.
  6. Cold in bed. Your guy used to love hooking up and having sex all the time. You two were the perfect pair in bed. Now, it’s kaput! What happened? At times, he might just be too tired from work. But if that hasn’t been the case before, then he might be too busy with someone else.
  7. He’s a serial liar. Lying has been a way of things for him on a daily basis. He lies to his friends, to his family and to his partner. He is always ready with perfectly crafted excuses even before you utter a single word to him.
  8. No time. If a guy is busy with another girl, then he will have to spend less time with you. This sudden change in attention and availability to be with you should prompt you to take a look at what he’s doing. He will surely come up with tons and tons of excuses, but come on, how many will it take for you to get it?
  9. He is stressed out or anxious most of the time. Just imagine living with that fear of getting caught and guilt on a 24/7 basis, wouldn’t you be stressed out as well?
  10. Your gut instincts tells you he is cheating. No matter how many excuses he concocts, you just have this gut feel that something is not right. Do your research and listen to what your heart is telling you.