How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

No introduction needed. Let’s get straight to the point.

One thing to look out for is when your boyfriend is spending less time with you now than before. Is he working overtime most of the time? Is he too damn tired to hang out and have dinner with you? Is he mostly on boys’ night out again?

Another clue is when he has to answer his phone and walks away from you to continue the conversation. Does he suddenly doesn’t want you to call him on his office line? It sure is a sign that he is hiding something from you or that he doesn’t want his colleagues know about you.

Source: fireflydaily
Source: fireflydaily

A really good sign of cheating is when your partner has female friends that he talks about a lot but you never met any of them in person.

Does his mood in bed took a nose dive? Is he interested in trying new moves lately? He might be practicing his new tricks to impress his mistress.

How often do the two of you go on exclusive dates? Do you still go out as a couple with his friends? If the two of you stopped going on dates like most monogamous couple do, better watch out your back. He might be more interested in spending time with his other woman than with you.

Any secretive signs that your boyfriend might be exhibiting lately can be a sign of him cheating. Does he allow you check on his phone? Does he get mad when you fiddle with his computer? Does he withhold any information or story on his social life? Any change in his behavior that shows that you are not allowed in his “personal space” is a sign that he is hiding something from you.

Is your guy more interested now in looking good and makes an effort to do so? He might be doing those changes, not for you but, to impress his other woman.


Check the bank statements. Unexplained expenditures means that he is spending money elsewhere and not on you. Keep tab of your finances so you’ll not get left with a huge credit card bill if he decides to leave.

What is that new scent he wears when he gets home? Is that cigarette smoke you are smelling (and he doesn’t smoke)? Take it as a sign that he is cheating.

A really clear evidence that your man is cheating when you are seeing condoms on his stuff or in random spaces in his place. You guys aren’t even using it!

These abovementioned signs can signal that your man is cheating on you. If you’ve got an intuition that he is up to something not-so-good, go with it carefully. Chances are you are right. Look out for the signs and observe him for a period of time. Do not be too quick to jump into conclusions and gather your evidences right, as it could jeopardize your relationship.