How To Prevent Your Man From Cheating On You

Source: medimanage
Source: medimanage

There are no fool-proof ways to keep men from having a moment of weakness or lapse of good judgment. Let’s look at reasons why men cheat and how to solve them (or prevent them).

When a man is emotionally and psychologically out of tune with his current relationship, he’ll have the tendency to seek stability somewhere else. When both partners lose interest in the sexual aspect of their relationship, it’s time for them to evaluate. Both sides should take responsibility in keeping their relationship stimulated and exciting.

Are there opportunities for temptations at work or in your partner’s environment? It may be a colleague, an old friend, or a chance meeting with a complete stranger at a bar. The thrill of something different from his usual rut will kick in his ego in high gear again. It only takes a few swigs of that wine for his weak moral compass to go haywire, and boom! He screws up.

If your partner is suffering from emotional turmoil, he has the tendency to cheat. We must remember that men are not like women when it comes to things like this. Women cry. Men turn to drinking, partying, violent outbursts, or even forbidden carnality just to make the pain go away.

So again, how do we prevent men from cheating? Preempt these situations from happening.

  1. One must keep the relationship interesting and exciting. Shake things up. Try new things together. Take charge of the lead more often. Blow his mind out! With new things to explore, his mind will not even bother consider bringing a third wheel into the equation.
  1. Never let him forget you exist. Show him that you value him. Send him a short text message “I love you” or “I have a special surprise for you when you get home!” Simply remind him that he has a woman at home that loves him dearly and is always thinking of him whenever you’re apart. Your love will drive those temptations out of his system.
  1. Let him know that will never tolerate cheating in your relationship. It may not hinder him from doing so, but if he sees your worth, he won’t even think about doing it.
  1. Never ever nag. Be the kind of woman your man would live for, not put up with. Cook his favorite meals, watch football games with him, give him space and silence when he needs the time to unwind, and give him plenty of brief touches and smooches so that physical connection between you is never lost. Never argue or nag in a destructive manner. You are his main support system. There’s nothing more effective at keeping a man from cheating than a good relationship.