Been Cheated On? Here Are The Things Not To Do!

Source: Alexander Shustov
Source: Alexander Shustov

So you found out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you all this time. What now? Stand up, dust yourself up and do not do anything homicidal! It’s going to be okay.

Here are somethings you should NEVER DO after finding out that you’ve been cheated on:

  1. Support your claim without strong evidence. Just like in any court, you cannot file a case without sufficient and strong evidence. Do not confront your cheating partner without those at hand.
  1. Keep all of your evidences in a just one place. Cheaters will lie and make their way through the situation to avoid getting caught. Never reveal your sources. If they confess, they will also tell you what they think you know.
  1. No, you’re NOT the reason why they cheated. It’s not those sweats you like wearing all through out the day. It’s not the muffin tops after you gave birth. It’s not even your PMS swings! He cheats because he feels that he is entitled to it. He is the only one responsible for their own acts. Cheating made their ego high and those sexual affairs gave them their fix. They valued those more than their commitment to you and your overall well-being. They are just selfish people who wants to escape the realities of their present life. Never ever let them blame you for their own weakness.
  1. Do not make anyone a priority if you are only an option to them. They don’t have an option. You are his wife! You are not in competition with anyone on that part of his life. You are the sole titleholder and he made a commitment to it. If they wanted to talk you into giving him some space to help them decide on what to do, think fast and let go of him. Marriage is something you can renegotiate. It is a lifelong commitment to stay faithful to that person who made the same vow to you. Never appease the cheater. Value yourself more and leave this abusive relationship.
  1. Do not beg him to choose your marriage. Maintain your dignity. Do not feed their ego by pleading him to stay. It is probably time to take care of yourself. Talk to a lawyer, protect your assets, and get support. Use anger and grief to help you take that step to move forward.
  1. Do not waste time trying to solve the question “Why?”. Do not get stuck trying to analyze where you got it wrong and how to fix it. It simply cannot be done. He is a big mess and he’s comfortable being like that. Let go and start fixing yourself. Move on and learn to love yourself more next time.