8 Telltale Signs You’re With A Cheating A**hole

Every girl hopes for a happy ending in their love story. However, once cheating crept past love, things can go down south fast. Like an illness, early detection can save you from a broken heart and lots of crying nights.

Here are 8 telltale signs that your boyfriend isn’t as holy and perfect as you think he is:

Source: Google
Source: Google
  1. He has blocks on his social media accounts. You tag him on a post and yet none of his friends liked or commented on it. Weird right? Chances are he has blocks on social media. Why would he do that, you say? Real simple. He’s hiding something, most likely, another woman. Or are there random women posting on his page, yet you can’t see what they have written, he has blocked you from this line of communication. The blocks are there so you don’t find out about the other women in his life.

    Source: womenshealthmag
    Source: womenshealthmag
  1. He’s overprotective with his phone. He gets crazy whenever you try to take a peek at what he is typing over at his phone. He brings it with him EVERYWHERE. He never answer certain phone calls whenever he’s with you and turns it to silent mode at night. If he has nothing to hide, there’s no reason he should be secretive with his phone.
  2. Source: akenekinomoto
    Source: akenekinomoto
  1. His place is a mess. Is there something out of place when you visit his house? Or is his bed messier than the usual? Is the condom stash you just bought last week has gone missing? Most of the time, the smallest clues are the biggest indicators of his infidelity.
  1. People close to him have no idea who you are. He will downplay your relationship to EVERYONE. If your boyfriend doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend whenever you’re out in public together, he’s most likely cheating. An honest and faithful boyfriend would be so proud to have you as his girl and would never hide that fact from the world, including his family.
  1. He only posts selfies when you’re out together. Check his Instagram or Facebook, are you in any of his wall posts? If your boyfriend’s social media presence insinuates that he is single or out with his friends most of the time, take a hint from the cheater. He markets himself to other women as single and you are basically non-existent in his social media life.
  1. He showers you with gifts for no reason. Guilt can make a your cheating boyfriend do nice things for you once in a while. Check him out just to make sure he is not trying to cover his foolishness. However, a good boyfriend doesn’t need any special reason or occasion to make you feel special.

    Source: elizabeth lies
    Source: elizabeth lies
  1. He’s not “in the mood”. No guy ever refuses to have some release, well, not unless he just got off one.
  1. He has cantaloupe-sized swollen balls. And if he has sores in that area, Check for STD, stat! Not only is he cheating on you, but probably already got infected as well. Get checked!

Better be alone that to be with some cheating douche bag. You’re safe from worries and your health is clean.