5 Top Reasons Why He Cheats

What This Dating Guru Has To Say About Women Might Shock You
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Why oh why? Why does he have to cheat? This is a question most women who have been screwed ask themselves. We have compiled several reasons on why men fool around.

  1. The grass is always greener (or so he thought). Monotony and regularity gets the best of some people, thus begin questioning the value brought by their partners. Most of the time, the priorities get out of sync that people tend to see that there is a more promising future to them outside of the relationship they’re in. When a man’s mind begin to wander, they do not look deep. He looks at the shallow presentation of things in his relationship that’s good or bad for him. When he looks at a new prospect, a different perspective is seen. Some take a leap of faith and jump right out of the relationship into a new one. While some, takes a step, tests the water and see if he will be able to swim in it. As one puts out, “a girlfriend is like a home-cooked meal: good for you, warm, nourishing, nutritious, and consistent…”. He’s just probably interested in some fastfood.
  2. You’re normal, he’s not. As Usher’s song goes, “…we want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed…”. Cheating men wants a wide array of things when it comes to going under the sheets. Some may even want to try the acrobatics seen on those hush-hush movies. Men’s eyes will always wander. But thoughts will either linger or pass quickly. If you’re bored, then he’s bored. You want him to stay and not fool around? Shake things up a bit and take it a notch or two up your comfort level. Who know’s what the heavens may bring!

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  3. You let go of yourself. Most men are superficial. Your boyfriend got initially attracted to you for physical reasons — because of your blue eyes or beautiful smile or your long legs or bountiful bosom — not because you love the same basketball team as he does. He liked what he saw and that led him to court you. You prepped yourself up daily, showed in really nice clothes and smelled heavenly. Then came a point in your relationship where you became content. You became a couch potato in those baggy pajamas, love handles started bulging, the once neatly coiffed hair became a loose and tangled bun. And there is this new girl in his office who was once a reflection of the old you who smelled heavenly as she leans towards him to give a folder. Familiarity breeds complacency.
  4. He’s a cheater. Even if you are absolutely perfect in all means and aspects of your relationship, there will always be this guy who is simply tired of all of it. It runs through his veins and it is just hopeless trying to rein him down like a horse. Some men are just predisposed to love multiple partners at the same time. Why? We don’t exactly know. Could it be the genes? Could it be the environment? Could it be because he has some issues being tied down to a monogomous relationship that trips him to go haywire? Only they answer those. Even if you give him multiple chances to stay faithful to you, some are just beyond repair.
  5. He is not your BFF. A lot of people in relationship are not best buddies. You wouldn’t lie or cheat your best bud right? No. This has been overlooked a lot of times and it is an essential part of a trusting special relationship between partners. A partner who sees you as his BFF will never even imagine disrespecting you in a manner most philandering men would.