26 Signs He Is Cheating On You (Yes That Many!)

Source: TheRussParShow
Source: TheRussParShow

When in doubt, trust your gut.Here are some ways to determine if your partner is making the rounds with somebody else.

Let’s start.

  1. He takes his phone WHEREVER he goes.
  2. His phone is always on airplane mode. Why? So you won’t see his incoming messages when you’re checking your selfies on his phone.
  3. His phone’s battery usage is higher than the normal usage. He is unreachable for extended period of time due to that.
  4. He wears a ponymale (man ponytail).
  5. He has more girl friends than you do. He also has few guy friends.
  6. And you haven’t met most of the friends he normally hangs out with. They’re just too darn busy.
  7. You guys are stuck in your relationship. You guys are into it but cannot see yourself moving the relationship forward.
  8. Excuses, excuses. He has a ton of it for every imaginable scenario that would require him to be with you. “It’s just for us guys” or “I am not sure about my schedule, can I get back to you on that?”
  9. He turns the table on you when he gets called out. You are not clingy or crazy, you just need one good reasonable explanation why he didn’t showed up on your date!
  10. Has your sexy time gone missing because he stopped asking?

    Source: Google
    Source: Google
  11. He is nowhere to be found and he doesn’t want to be checked on about his whereabouts.
  12. He defines himself as a “loner”.
  13. He is a crappy communicator. It takes him ages to reply or call back. Remember, he is busy with some other girls, why would he bother replying to your message?
  14. He doesn’t commit to your plans. One thing he’s in, last minute he cannot make it.
  15. Where the darn is he again? Better put a GPS on him then if he gets missing most of the time.
  16. He is a chronic liar. He even lies about small things that doesn’t really matter.
  17. Check his social media accounts. Everyone he follows appear to be half-naked and sexy-looking, provocatively posed women.
  18. He has a lot of unregistered numbers on his phone. Well, who would want to get caught talking to another girl when your girlfriend is using your phone right?
  19. You haven’t met his family.
  20. There are those alarming messages to some random numbers that say, “have you been tested?”
  21. He has his text messages linked to his iPad and stored in the “Business” folder. Hmmm….
  22. He is on your friend’s Tinder.
  23. Again, he freaks out when you touch his phone. Or gives you the shitty reason like “it’s my personal stuff.”
  24. He cannot commit to a long-lasting and serious relationship with you.
  25. He doesn’t have any future plans with you. Even things he wants to do with you for tomorrow!
  26. Oooh, that guilt! He lashes out at you even if you are not doing anything wrong. If you started talking about issues in your relationship that bothers you, he will turn the tables on you.

Cheaters will always find a way to make their way out of a situation. If you caught him red-handed, just walk away from it and never allow that person come back ever again to your life. Trust your instincts. Do your research, after all, women are better detectives when they know something is up.