Want Clear Skin? Follow These 10 Commandments for Clear & Glowing Skin

how to get clear and glowing skin

Getting clear glowing skin is a dream for all of us, especially women. In fact, for many of us it remains a dream especially if you feel you have tried everything. However, if you get to know the 10 commandments of clear skin, it will become a reality for you.

So read on below and get clear skin.

1. Keep it clean first

As obvious as it sounds, for you to have a clear glowing skin, you first have to keep your face clean. If you are not washing away all the sweat and dirt from the day, you are asking for a serious breakout.

On the other hand, although your makeup might hide the zits, if you sleep with it on your face, your pores remain clogged and with clogged pores you cannot have clear skin. Therefore, always wash your face when you wake up in the morning, before going to bed and after the gym with a cleanser.

clear facial skin


2. Try the basics

Try using ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic that have proven themselves in clinical trials to treat acne before trying other treatments. Use them for at least six to seven weeks to see if they work. In case they don’t work, you can then see a dermatologist.

salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and glycolic


3. Treat early

Early intervention is key if you really want a clear skin. Therefore, if your skin is prone to acne, treat it by applying acne products all over your face daily to prevent pimples from forming even if you don’t have. You can also spot-treat you pimple to reduce its lifespan.

treat skin conditions early


4. Never pop your pimples

As tempting as it may sound, don’t pop your zits if you want a clear skin. Popping does not reduce the acne but usually cause more scarring, inflammation and sometimes more acne.

never pop your pimples


5. Start using Retinol

Retinoids have decades of clinical data to support its efficacy, boosts collagen production to keep skin firm and youthful and helps skin cell turnover. They also have a great anti-inflammatory effect which is why they are effective at treating acne as it is at treating wrinkles and other aging signs. Apply any kind of retinoid product to your face overnight.

retinol creams for skin


6. Avoid stress

Stress hormones usually increase oil production leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Therefore, you need to stay relaxed at all times to avoid breakouts. Try engaging in activities that don’t expose you to stress such as going to the gym, getting enough sleep, spending time with your loved ones or even taking a warm bath. This way you can be sure of less acne, less often.

AVOID STRESS for healthy skin

7. Fade the dark scars

Remember that just because the acne is gone doesn’t mean it has disappeared completely. There are usually those dark spots that are left behind. Therefore, to fade away the dark spots, use an effective scar treatment with licorice-root extract and salicylic acid.

fade dark scars


8. Treat the popped zits

If you happen to pop the zits, ensure you disinfect them with a 2.5{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of benzoyl peroxide. This will prevent any kind of inflammation. You can also use products with salicylic acid to unclog the pores and prevent scarring.

treating your popped zits


9. Protect your skin before it’s too late

Using acne products can sometimes make your skin a lot more susceptible to sun damage hence it is important to protect your skin. Use products that will not clog pores and sunscreen lotions too.

protect your skin from the sun


10. Don’t over treat

Acne can’t just go overnight so don’t overuse acne products to get rid of the acne fast. Apply only the recommended amount to avoid damaging your face. Overusing these products can lead to chemical burns and excess drying too.

don't over treat your skin



Now I realize that this list is by no means “comprehensive”, but if you were to abide by the items listed above, and then supplement those strategies with a unique 2 step skin solution, you’ll ward off sun spots, wrinkles,  you’ll end up with perfect skin better than 99{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of the population in this country, guaranteed.

But these types of skin solutions can be hard to come by as they’re not all readily available. They can also be very, very expensive and end up costing you thousands of dollars extra per year.

If you want to see how I actually manage my skin care at a very low cost, even if I do follow some of the steps above, check out what I learned on the next article


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