Skincare Bloggers Share 19 Skincare Facts And Secrets You Don’t Know

1. Are you in an emergency as far as your skin care is concerned? Do you need to deck up and get ready for the event? Or are you feeling a bit dull and listless as far as your skin and face are concerned. Here is a collection of some skincare facts that you would not be in the know. 


2. Refurbish Your Face With Black African Black Soap

Black African Soap is a commonly found substance. It can be bought from the farmer’s markets or various ecommerce sites. It is very economical and cost effective. It might look like clumps of dirt, but it is very effective and very easy to use


3. Try Liquid Bronzer With Body Lotion

Are you not very happy displaying and showing off your legs because they look listless and attractive? You need not bother much. It also does not matter much if you do not have the time to go through a self-tanning session.



4. Treating Chapped Lips And Eye Brows And Lashes

Chapped can be really uncomfortable and spoil look of the face. Chapped lips require exfoliation which must be done gently. It will help remove dried skin and treat the living ones. All that is needed is taking a bit of petroleum jelly or Vaseline on a toothbrush that has soft bristles. 



5. Use Crème De La Mer Sparingly

Though Crème De La Mer is a wonderful product it is very expensive. Hence it should be used sparingly. It can be used as a brow conditioner and also as an eye cream



6. Suffering From Crow’s Feet

Though there could be many serums and creams that could help treat various skin problems surrounding the eyes, as far as Crow’s feet is concerned the best way to prevent it is to go in for fashionable sunglasses as regularly as possible. 



7. Dandruff Shampoo For Flakey Face

Though not many know it, it has been found that dandruff shampoo could play a big role in helping face that looks flakey. It is not damaging to the face as many think.



8. Use Skin Boost To Improve Skin Looks

If your skin looks dull and lifeless you could use some at home peel and help remove the dull surfaces which can help in improving skin looks and also tone the skin better



9. Use Kitchen Items To Strip Your Pores

If your skin pores are closed, you could a bit of milk and plain gelatin and mix it. It should be heated for 10 seconds in the microwave. Once it dries you can peel it off and your pores get declogged.



10. Say Goodbye To Acne

The best way to get rid of stubborn acne is to change the linens of your bed immediately. Oil, hair products, makeup that is leftover could soil the pillow. If the face is placed on it, you could sure to exacerbate the problem of acne. Hence, change linens regularly.



11. Always Use An Eye Cream

Do not try to answer the question whether you need an eye cream in the negative. Yes, you certainly need a separate eye cream because the ingredients are different which other creams will not have. The area under your eyes is very thin and easily absorbs active ingredients quite easily. 



12. Try Using LED Light Therapy For Your Skin

It has been proven that home LED lighting devices are a proven and effective way to treat various skin conditions. It can also tackle ageing of the skin quite effectively. 



13. Get Rid Of Pimples Simply

It is not very difficult to get rid of red and painful pimples the easy way. Use a washcloth and wrap it with ice and place it on pimples. If it is held on the pimple for one minute it will reduce swelling and inflammation. The redness will also get reduced. 



14. Avoid Expensive Body Scrubs

Try using brown sugar and mix it with olive oil and make a thick paste out of it. This could be used as a scrub instead of buying the expensive ones from the market. It works really well. 



15. Exfoliation Does Not Need Expensive Gadget

You could try and use microfiber washcloth from a beauty website or a drugstore and use it for exfoliation. They grip the skin and easily remove dead skin cells, making your face look very fresh



16. Hair Conditioners Can Work For Hair Removal Are Not For Beards Alone

You could use hair conditioners for getting rid of those ugly hairs on the legs. They make shaving easier and also soften the hair. It can leave legs silky and smooth.



17. Reapply Skin Cream

Once a day application of skin cream may not be enough and it has to be applied every 2 hours. When using skin cream it makes sense to be careful to avoid waterproof make ups to the maximum extent possible. 



18. Choose The Right Home Laser Removal Devices

Though there are many home laser removal devices, it would be better to go in for brands like Tria and Flash’n Go. 



19. A Superb Lip Balm

Using Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream has been found it be very useful when it come to treating chapped and dry lips