Aging Skin? Here Are the Makeup Essentials That You’ll Need

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Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’re not getting any younger. As you age, your skin is not getting any younger too. The way your skin looks when you are in your teens is not the same way it’s looking at your prime age right now.

This is because as you age, the natural exfoliation process of the skin slows down which causes dead cells to remain on the skin surface which in turn changes the naturally smooth texture of the skin especially of the face.

While makeup tends to make women all over the world better and more beautiful, there is a necessary make up routine for aging skin. Right now, your target is to cover up those dry skin and smooth out uneven skin texture and make your face young looking again.


Start by regularly exfoliating

Because the body’s natural exfoliation process slows down, the best thing to do is to give it a little boost and help by manually exfoliating. A deep facial scrub at least once a week is recommended to remove the layer of dry and flaky skin that is hiding your face’s natural glow and beauty.



Plump up with moisturizer

Crusty looking and cracked makeup are often due to dry skin. Before applying any makeup on your face, make sure that it’s plump and ready by using a good moisturizer. Another good practice to follow is by using a hydrating mask at least once a week to further strengthen the nourishing effects of moisturizer.



Choose the right foundation

When you were younger, foundation is about covering up the skin of your face before you apply makeup. Right now, its use is more about evening out your skin tone of your face. But instead of the heavy dry foundation that you were used to, using a tinted moisturizer which also acts as a foundation would be a good choice. It does three things at once too: it keeps your skin moisturized, it helps even out your skin tone, and because it has a thinner texture to it, it gives your face a warm glow minus the caked and cracked appearance.



Opt for the cream based blusher

Adding a bit of blush and color to your cheeks is a strict must especially as you get older. However, the right way to do this is not by means of a powder blusher. A cream based blusher is more ideal since it won’t look dry and flaky on the skin so you’d get to achieve the blooming look you’re trying for.

Opt for the cream based blusher


Ditch the face powder

Though it has been women’s most convenient repair makeup kit since time immemorial, powdering your face to keep the oil and shine out of your face would only lead to it caking up together with your makeup. If you really want to keep the oil away, an oil blotting sheet would be more efficient and it’d give your face enough breathing space and make it stay hydrated too.

Ditch the face powder


Invest in a light hydration spray

This is because there are times when your makeup still finds time to cake during the day. It would be easier to smooth out those dry areas and caking patches when you are able to give yourself a few spritzes of the hydration spray. Believe it, you’ll be good as new in no time.

Invest in a light hydration spray



Now I realize that this list is by no means “comprehensive”, but if you were to abide by the items listed above, and then supplement those strategies with a unique 2 step skin solution, you’ll ward off sun spots, wrinkles,  you’ll end up with perfect skin better than 99{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of the population in this country, guaranteed.

But these types of skin solutions can be hard to come by as they’re not all readily available. They can also be very, very expensive and end up costing you thousands of dollars extra per year.

If you want to see how I actually manage my skin care at a very low cost, even if I do follow some of the steps above, check out what I learned on the next article


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