8 Surprising Skin Tips You’ve Never Heard written

As women we all want to have a brighter, fresher and younger skin that looks appealing to men. More than often, we go to great lengths to make sure our skin looks that way. We are willing to invest a great deal of time and money in order to gain the peace of mind that we are beautiful and attractive to men. However, the naked truth is that you can use certain simple and inexpensive tips & tricks to make your skin look younger and fresher than ever before. Here are 8 surprising skin tips very few women are aware of.


1. Relax when Working Out




One of the best ways to enjoy an amazing skin is to make sure you are always relaxed, even when you are working out. Most women tend to tense their throat and jaw when exercising. However, this only pulls down the face and makes them look older. Always relax when working out and your skin will relax too.


2. Make the Most out of Low-Tech Lotions



It is true. Even that tiny tube of inexpensive face cream you find in your hotel room bathroom can do wonders for your face. Any type of emollient, regardless of quality, will remove fine lines and prevent skin aging. According to Richard Fitzpatrick, a famous professor of dermatology at the University of California in San Diego, the single most important factor in skin regeneration and wound healing is having a well moisturized skin. A daily lotion that contains shea butter, glycerin, or any other hydrator can help your skin repair itself and look rejuvenated.


3. Stay Away from the Fire




Nothing can protect your face from the dangerous fireplace in your living room or the heater in your office. Doctors warn women that direct exposure to the heat can cause a serious breakdown of collagen and redness in eyes. Stay at least three feet away from any indoor source of heat to protect your skin.


4. No Plastic Bottles



Most dermatologists agree that drinking water from plastic bottles can have negative consequences for the skin, aggravating the lines around the mouth and creating new ones. Their alternative is sipping filtered water from a glass right at home or using a bottle with a spout.


5. Too Much Volume is Harmful Indeed



Volume fillers such as Revitalift, Sculptra or Radiesse are extremely common nowadays. Even worse, women are increasingly addicted to these products, because they love to have fuller faces. However, the truth is that too much volume can add years to your look. There is a fine line between looking gorgeous and looking too old because of too much volume. Use just enough volume and you will be just fine.


6. Beauty Sleep is not Always Beautiful



Doctors can tell which side one of their patients sleeps on regularly by the vertical lines present on her cheeks. The best way to avoid getting these vertical lines is to sleep on your back. You can also go with satin or silk sheets instead of cotton ones. Additionally, limit beauty sleep to only a couple of hours each afternoon.


7. Mix Pepper with Yogurt



If you are tired of pimples, try mixing a tablespoon of pepper with 200 grams of fresh yogurt, apply on your face and see what happens.


8. Use your Brush to Stimulate your Face



Hair brushes are definitely extremely useful not only for brushing your hair, bur also for improving blood flow in the face and making your skin shine with health every morning. Simply brush your face gently for 60 seconds each morning and you will notice the improved skin texture in less than a week.