4 Embarrassing Bridal Skin Emergencies and How to Fix Them

A wedding is considered to be one of the most important phases in your life. Thus, if you notice any skin problems during this period, you might feel embarrassed and low on confidence. Fortunately, some common problems can be treated easily and quickly to make sure you look good on your special day.


A Zit Appears on Your Face 

If this happens, you should not panic. You should apply ice to the affected area for about 10 minutes to diminish swelling and redness. It’s recommend to repeat the process every few hours. When you’re done icing, you should apply a spot treatment. This helps reduce blemish and inflammation. 

It’s worth mentioning that a spot treatment can dry your skin, and make it flaky. Thus, makeup application will be slightly difficult. Moreover, you should avoid products with ingredients like SD alcohol 40, sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. You should choose a treatment option with salicylic acid. Unless you’re willing to risk bleeding, oozing or messy scab, you should not pick at the blemish.


Tears at the Dinner Rehearsal Made Your Eyes Puffy 

Once the rehearsal dinner is over, you should apply cold compress to the eye area. In most cases, a bag of frozen peas is an excellent choice. You may keep a spoon in your refrigerator for a few minutes, and apply the cold side to the undereye area. 

In order to reduce puffiness, you should gently massage the affected area. This provides you with major relief. You should use the ring finger to apply a high quality eye gel to the affected area, and massage your skin in circular motions. Stimulation from a massage can make sure fluids are able to work their way out of your eye. 


Dry and Flaky Skin Causes Problems in Makeup 

The most effective tip to get rid of this problem is exfoliation. If your skin is flaky and dry, your makeup can’t be flawless. On the night before the big day, you should polish your skin with a high quality facial scrub. You can even try using a good exfoliating serum. In order to make sure it’s not irritating, you should spot treat it first. If it seems fine, you can leave it overnight. 

When you sleep at night, the serum works to dissolve any flakiness, and provide you with a smoother skin surface. When you wake up in the morning, you should apply a moisturizer, and add a couple drops of skin oil to minimize and flatten the appearance of leftover flakiness. 


Red and Flushed Skin 

The first step is to keep your room temperature cool. Due to nervousness and excitement near your wedding day, you may experience more blood flow in your skin. When you’re in a comfortable and cool environment, it helps keep your body temperature down. This prevents redness. You can even apply a gel mask to cool your skin. 


Regardless of the emergencies you face, it’s important to avoid panic and stress. You should use some effective remedies to reduce redness, and handle some skin emergencies at the last minute.