3 Important Facts about Your Skin and The Aging Process

If you are thinking of buying some anti-aging creams, you should rather consider doing a little bit of skin care research. We often come across ads of different products, which promise to prevent your skin aging. But, you need to understand, how much in reality is your skin under your control. As the skin grows, it suffers natural wear and tear, similar to any other part of the body. But, most of the skin damage is caused due to sun exposure and other different factors



Specially for ladies above the age of thirty, it is essential to follow a certain skin care routine to maintain its youthful appearance. 


Cleansing the skin: Young girls can clean their face by simply washing their faces and get back their glowing and fresh skin. But, once the skin starts aging, the impact of sunlight starts showing on your skin. So, one should include cleansing as a part of their skin care routine. It is one of the least expensive and an extremely effective way of maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. It is often considered as a building block of a healthy skin care routine. Thus, the sooner this method is included in your regime, the better it is. 

If the skin is cleansed on a regular basis, the glow of the skin will last for a longer period of time. Cleaning helps to remove excess of oil and dirt from the skin and thus, makes the skin look more radiant and healthy.


Role of moisturizing: The cleaning process takes a part of the moisture of the skin and makes it dry. Specially the skin of the women whose age is above forty-five, tends to become drier naturally. Thus, moisturizing on a daily basis should be included as a part of your daily skin routine.

Several factors like, pollution, cold weather, poor diet, etc., can dehydrate the skin and drain the moisture away. Moisturizing will hydrate the skin and will provide its nourishment back. Again regular moisturizing stimulates the skin and improves the blood circulation. Thus, the collagen level increases, reducing the sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. Once your pores are open and the skin becomes completely clean after the cleansing procedure, it is ideal to apply moisturizer. 


Appling sunscreen: One of most important reasons behind skin aging is sun damage. The sun rays penetrate the skin and damage the elastic fibers which allow to keep the skin firm. The sun rays are also responsible for the age spots and liver spots on your skin. Thus, the more a person will be exposed under the sun, the more wrinkles will she have on her skin

Therefore, one requires to protect the skin from sun rays, as even minimum sun exposure can do a lot of damage to the skin. The sunscreens are indispensable throughout the summer and should even be applied even during the other seasons. All middle aged people should make sure to use a sun block with minimum of SPF 30. It is ideal to choose the products with titanium oxide and zinc oxide as they can be applied in all types of skins.