Honey As Part Of A Diabetic Diet? Are You Serious?

is honey good for you

Diabetics already know that once the diagnoses comes in their diet has to change DRAMATICALLY. The main emphasis of this new diet is attention to detail to the levels of sugar intake. This leads us right into the question of honey as part of a diabetic diet.

So, Is honey allowed for a diabetic?

The simple answer is: “Yes”

The first thing to remember though, is moderation. With this in mind diabetics and pre-diabetics (or people with higher than normal blood glucose levels) can still safely enjoy natural honey. 

But before you go dumping a whole bottle on your breakfast cereal, you need to consider the amount that that you can safely consume as Each diabetic is different and needs to learn how their body reacts to honey in their bodies.

is it okay to have honey as a diabetic

Keep in mind the thing to pay attention to is the amount of starches or carbohydrates in the food you are eating, in this case honey, not the amount of sugar. Honey is like rice, and potatoes in that it is a carb based food.

When you are purchasing honey as a diabetic, make sure it’s a pure form of honey and not the impure brands with glucose, starch, cane sugar, and malt which if you’re diabetic you need to cut out. Honey in just 1 tablespoon has 17 grams of carbs which makes it easy to calculate its intake as you would any other sweetener or carbohydrate.

tablespoon of honey as 17 grams of carbs

Most of the time if you ask your doctor is honey if is allowed in a diabetic diet, they are going to say “No”. It seems like the opposite of what you should be doing as a diabetic when you are trying to regulate blood glucose levels.

While that is true, honey is a much healthier choice when pure than table sugar or sweeteners like Splenda, saccharin, aspartame, etc.


Honey is going to need lower levels of insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels compared to normal everyday white sugar. It also does not raise blood sugar levels as quickly as table sugar as it has lower glycemic index.

Honey does however still have a high level of sugar in it, so consume with a level of caution.

Honey also actually has two different types of sugar; glucose and fructose.

The more glucose intolerant a diabetic is, the lower the blood sugar response usually is after honey is ingested. Honey has the perfect ratio of fructose and glucose for intake to the liver.



One study with 48 with type 2 diabetes patients, who ate natural honey for 8 weeks and had their weight measurements and blood samples tested compared to a control group that did not, found no significant difference in blood sugar levels between the two groups.

Body weight, cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol and triglyceride decreased and high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol increased in the honey group. The levels of hemoglobin also increased in this group.

This shows the consumption of honey can have profound beneficial effects on the body weight and blood lipids of diabetics. With the increased level of hemoglobin though it is recommended a careful level of consumption is applied.

So there you have it. Diabetics and honey, the benefits and the dangers. It can be beneficial in healthy doses but just be careful how much of this yummy golden goo you eat.



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