12 Reasons Why ‘Medical Companies’ Won’t Cure Diabetes

medical companies won't cure diabetes

It’s not hard to find people — many whom are physicians — who claim the medical and “big pharma”companies aren’t actually interested in finding a cure for diabetes because it’s more profitable for them to continually ‘treating’ the 30 million pre & type 2 diabetes sufferers in the United States.


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Let’s examine this for a moment. Although no direct evidence has come to light to support the claim that pharmaceutical companies have kept a cure in in the dark in order to profit from their medical supplies dependencies, but nonetheless, here are:


12 reasons why we probably won’t be seeing a cure for diabetes from any ‘medical companies’ in the near future:


  1. The research phase when developing any cure or new medicine is notoriously slow. Even decades of dedicated research cannot guarantee that a cure will be found. Look at HIV, for ore than 30 years sicentists around the world have been trying to find both a cure and or a vaccine. Scientists may follow a promising lead for years, only to discover that it was a dead end.

research phase when developing any cure


  1. Research and development of a cure is enormously expensive. With pharmaceutical companies held accountable to investors and stakeholders, including the government, scientists have to fight to constantly justify why they should continue to receive funding.Unfortunately the medical industry in the US is very much about profits so unless they see a return on their investment, they would prefer the funds be allocated a more profitable or promising area of research. Investors can be quick to label a new cure research project as too ambitious or risky. They demand to see preliminary evidence that sometimes is just not there yet.

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  1. The FDA, following Jonas Salk’s groundbreaking success in developing the vaccine for polio in the 1960s, turned their primary focus from the safety of drugs and moved to trying to ensure the efficacy of the drugs they approved. This has drastically altered the path a new drug must travel in order to adhere to their approval process.

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  1. The number of legal, regulatory and institutional barriers the FDA has imposed that directly affects the development of new cures, has left a mountain of red tape and millions of dollars worth of added expense to pursue an approval.

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  1. FDA regulations concerning drug trials serve to delay and impede the trials to the point of making it highly difficult for physicians and scientists to conduct them.


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  1. The generally risk-averse to the point of paranoia attitude of the FDA toward approving any drug that may potentially hurt patients encourages the over-regulation and increased expense of new drugs being released to the public.

over regulation fda diabetes



  1. There are two forms of diabetes: Type 1, which is an auto-immune disease also known as Juvenile Diabetes; and Type 2, called Adult Onset Diabetes which is associated with living a sedentary lifestyle and usually with obesity. While both forms share some treatments, they are fundamentally different.Research into a cure is focused on Type 1, but a cure for Type 1 would not work for those suffering from Type 2. 90{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of diabetics have the Type 2 form.

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  1. Type 2 diabetes is mostly preventable and even reversible through proper diet and exercise. This is thankfully something that big pharma cannot control.

diet and exercise to prevent diabetes


  1. The first company to find the cure for diabetes would be celebrated as heroes and immortalised in much the same way Dr. Salk was for curing polio. The resulting financial reward, prestige and honour would be far-reaching. This one is not so much a reason why pharmaceutical companies don’t want a cure so much it is an argument against a conspiracy theory. find the cure for diabetes
  1. Often, a drug or vaccine developed for one purpose can have ‘carryover benefits’ to another. A cure for Type 1 diabetes could have benefits for people suffering from other diseases. This would literally mean billions more dollars beyond those gained from treating diabetics. Also an argument against a conspiracy.

drug or vaccine developed for diabetes

  1. Companies with no financial motivation to withhold a cure are also working toward a cure, such as charities, hospitals, universities and non-profits. Discovering a cure would mean a game changing windfall of cash to strengthen their bottom lines.

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  1. Researchers are mostly highly-dedicated people who devote their entire careers and often lives to finding a cure. They do discuss their research with others in the community. A conspiracy would have to silence them all.

conspiracy would have to silence them all.


There are plenty of reasons not to expect a diabetes cure any time soon. But a conspiracy theory to suppress any cure from coming to light is unlikely.

With the incidence of Type 2 diabetes only expected to grow in the coming years, any cure for Type 1 would still leave the medical companies and big pharma with a growing number of customers eager to buy their treatments and supplies.



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