The ‘Root Cause’ Of Diabetes That Most Americans Don’t Know About.

But first, did you know Diabetes is metabolism disorder in the body?

root cause of diabetes

It is attributed to be one of the complex group of conditions in the body with a bunch of possible root causes. One of the complexities around this disease can arise when your body’s system fails to develop enough insulin to break down starch and sugars found in many foods that we eat every day. The problem is with these highly processed sugars is that the absorption into the bloodstream in the form of glucose happens so easily and in excess can lead you to developing Diabetes.

Now we are going to explore the root cause of the top Diabetes causing foods in the modern world.

These types of foods may end up increasing your blood sugar levels or Diabetes risk. Here are some of the worst Diabetes causing foods: Candy, Soda, syrup, and cookies:

These are some of the high sugary foods with low carbohydrate efficiency that we take in our daily lives without considering their risk or even if we do we, simply ignoring the consequences.

Regularly eating these foods may result in an increase in your blood sugar levels which can cause abnormal gains in body fat, which eventually results in obesity. These two factors may increase your chances of developing the disease or increase diabetes complications in your body.

complications from diabetes

Always learn to control your blood sugar levels by adding fresh fruits to your diet in every meal. Did you know that manufactured fruit juices may result into causing more harm than good for your health?

fruit juice and diabetes

Store bought fruit juices to have ‘some’ nutritional benefit compared to drinks like soda, but they do contain a lot of sugar, which is harmful to your body. Always refresh your body with natural no low sugar drinks.


drinks that cause diabetes


Eating Raisins may also increase your blood sugar levels, especially when they’re dehydrated. This is due to them having high concentrated levels of sugars, which can cause a sharp spike of blood sugar levels.

raisins and diabetes

Fried foods contain many heavy carbohydrate ingredients, which may trigger an increase in blood sugars as these types of foods when down down turn into a form of glucose. The insulin hormone may find it difficult to break and absorb these large amounts of glucose completely into the bloodstream. Many of these foods contain a lot of oil and unhealthy fat that may also increase your cholesterol levels in the body.

french fries diabetes

High cholesterol levels may bring heart complications and may eventually end up producing extra calories that require a lot of energy to burn them off. Fried foods may also result to an increase in weight, which is a very dangerous for your body and can also cause more frequent spikes in your blood sugar levels.

diabetes and fried foods

Refined starches and foods made from white flour release heaps of sugar once they are digested in the body. They are likely to interfere with the levels of glucose in the body.

refined starches and diabetes

The consumption of whole grains should be preferred but should be consumed in limited portions as they also elevate blood glucose, to some extent. Completely fatty dairy products and bacon contain a considerable amount of fat that is highly saturated.

bacon milkshake diabetes

This is considered as a healthy risk more especially to Diabetes patients as a fats can trigger many side effects in the body. They may also increase the risk of developing heart diseases.  The only way to stay healthy is to avoid these Diabetes causing foods and respond positively by watching your daily diet and don’t forget regular exercise too. 



Now I realize that this list is by no means “comprehensive”, but if you were to avoid the items listed above, and then supplement those foods with some healthy, organic meat and some fresh plant matter, herbs and vegetables, you’ll ward off diabetes and blood sugar spikes more rock solid than 99{36f0bc115d0d9e0db1bfc234ec4a32fcabcfa298c943617ea6e756523a2fdb48} of the population in this country, guaranteed.

But these types of foods can be hard to come by as they’re not all readily available. They can also be very, very expensive and end up costing you thousands of dollars extra per year.

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